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Dr. Apostle Rachel Nevhutanda

Glorious Grace Ministries is a prophetic Evangelical ministry that seeks to declare and embrace the prophetic nature of God in winning and building souls in the Kingdom of God. Apostle Rachel Nevhutanda is a formidable prophetic teacher of the word. Her ministry through God's leadership and Grace has taken her to many African countries were she birthed alliances and ministries that exist even till today. She is a wife to the Senior Pastor, Professor Alfred Nevhutanda of Higher Grace Church International, the mother church submitted to Higher Grace Church located in Venda, South Africa. Dr. Apostle Rachel Nevhutandas ministry has impacted so many people around the world and in South Africa, to the extent that she is a highly sort after. She believes highly in the Spirit of prayer as a means to gather wisdom and direction from God so that the gospel of Jesus Christ can continue without fail.