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In this age of rapid technological advancements, a strong educational institution is essential for South Africa, in which Higher Grace Church International has affiliated with. IFIL is the Theology Faculty of Tshwane Institute of Technology, its success is underpinned by a strong and effective quality assurance mechanism in place.

To this end, Tshwane Institute of Technology is engaged in a wide variety of both internal and external training and developmental activities due to robust measures that ensure not only compliance with legal requirements but also promote equality of opportunities and good relations with learners and all other stakeholders.

Humanity at large is crying out for a sense of purpose and direction. The Tshwane Institute of Technology, through its Theological Faculty known as the Institute for Inspired Learning, has endeavored to take you by the hand, and through practical and relevant theology and life-enriching courses, help you to discover, unlock and fulfill your God-given purpose and potential. Higher Grace Church has embarked on a journey of joining such a great endeavor which not only gives credible qualifications but also a practical expression of ministry.

The distinguishing God-given feature of the IFIL course curriculum is that it is not based on absolutes but rather on paradoxical realities, creating ample room for personal and spiritual development through being established in the present truth. (1 Pet. 1:12). 

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