Pastoral Ministry

God has graced our Church with His gifts. You can engage with our Pastors Today, Make an appointment with our Offices.

Prof. A Nevhutanda

A man of God that values individuals and families. Who is dedicated to restoring lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a great Pastor, Teacher, and Father in the Faith. Highly Graced and word-based

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Associate Pastor T. Nemaungani

My wife and I value the marriage institution. We believe the foundation of a great community is a Godly family. 


Pastor Sikhwivhilu

Shepherding is not just a calling for me but my passion. Nurturing and empowering Gods people is what I live to do. Through the grace upon my life, people get restored.


Dr T. Nevhutanda

My passion is to see and teach people to grow in God without limits and barriers. To see people value the will and ways of God without limits. To live for God passionately with an undivided attention.


Pastor E. Makhado

When God called me I knew that I had to put my hands into the plough and add value to the great commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love as God loves and my passion is to see people love God.


Pastor Muneri

People are broken out there, shattered by the pressures of life, and who can restore such, Gods chosen and appointed Shepherds.


Pastor Rudzani Nemaungani

A woman dedicated to help and empower married and soon to be married couples. A shepherd that values the marriage institution. Her investment toward's marriage is by passion and a calling.

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Pastor P. Maphaha

Worship is divine, its great. Where would I rather be than Gods house singing praise. The worship ministry is my passion and love. I believe we must worship without holding back.

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Dr Rodney Mudau 

My passion is to see God's people living large and prosperous within the confines of God's word, enjoying the riches of the bible in knowledge, and the application of the truth.