Feed the children with the proper Meal by Trust Moyo

I have noted in my teaching career that children can learn differently. PROV 22 VS 6

They can be classified as below average, average, and above average. In other words, they are not the same. In a classroom situation, we give the same work but can then develop the work depending with their strength. I take my time to make sure that by the end of the day, learners have mastered the concepts taught. I always start from the basics to complex depending with the level of learners. Learners are then assessed to see how much they understand in the areas taught. Those who fail to master the concept are allowed to do their corrections with the help from the teacher and further communication with parents that allows learners to continue to learn. Let me explain it especially when it comes to our children in church.

Know your Child’s Strength. Proverbs 22 verse 6

Acknowledge your child’s strength in what he or she can do.

I appreciate her with anything that is of personal interest. Small presents like chocolates will do. Well done, keep it up! Make sure you compliment what your child does because it makes sense to them. I also love to appreciate my children with a hug and by telling them that I am proud of them.

Know your Child’s Weakness

Thank God for any children that we may have because they never chose to be born at all. Exercise your patience each time they make blunders and allow them to learn. Your role is to create some space for them to grow and accept that as human beings we are all subject to falling too. I have learnt not to scream unnecessary especially when they have made mistakes. No one is perfect and we must learn to be tolerant with our children. Remember we were once children and once weak during our time.

Where we are they are not, and where they are we have been.


The most important thing to do is equipping our children with the right gospel. They will be able to relate to others and make an impact in other children’s lives. Allow them to read their bibles and explain what the Lord expects them to do. Assure them of God’s promises in the Bible. Relate situations in life with the relevant scriptures so they are able to follow and use the scriptures when they share with others.

Mr. Trust Moyo

Sunday School Ministry.

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