Healing rain is falling down by Trust Moyo

 e that weeps shall find joy in the morning 

 very thing shall come and pass away 

 ll things are possible if you believe 

 et your hearts not be troubled 

 know that God is in the process of healing the nation 

 ow or later we will be rejoicing 

 iving thanks to God for all He does 

 esults are very positive before the Lord 

 ll the past is gone and behold everything is new

I  am a new creation

 ow it's the Time to celebrate 

I  believe God for a new day 

o I am assured of a new day

 aith moves mountains 

 nd without faith it's impossible to please God 

 et the new song begin

L  et the Light shine in darkness 

 n everything give thanks to God

N  ow and forever the devil is defeated

 lory be to God the Father 

 evil is defeated now

 ne  who sits on the Throne reigns 

 e are more than conquerors through Christ the Lord

N ow and forever we will celebrate victory..

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