Higher Grace gives victory life by Trust Moyo

H alleluah in His Presence 

am grateful for what the Lord is doing in the City

G od is doing a new thing in Pretoria 

H e has the power to unite all people irregardless of color and gender 

Every knee bows and every tongue confess, just to prove that He is Lord of All

estoration has nothing to do with gender or tribe

G od is good and He is the same yesterday today and forever 

R ain falls everywhere, whether you believe in God or not

nd this is the power of Higher Grace of God 

C connecting the poor and the rich, the young and the old into one family 

E very soul receives the sufficient grace 

G lory be to God the Father for the victory we have through Jesus Christ 

n Him there is no failure 

V ictory is certain and its not an excuse before God

E veyday day we celebrate the life that we have through Him 

S o one can clearly see this grace and how it gives victory 

V ictorious people depend upon the Word of God 

I t is when they relate their faith in God that all things become possible 

C hrist is the chief corner-stone of our lives 

T his grace is something that one can't stop spreading to the World 

O ur battle was won long time ago

R easons being that Christ paid for it already 

Y ou need to understand what the grace of God can do

L ife full of victory is so sweet 

I t is so sweet to trust in the Lord for a win

F or winners never quit because of the sufficient grace 

E ven if they stay under the water, the grace takes them out to live again.

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